Bacaan Ekonomi

  1. An Economic Model of Household Income Dynamics, with an Application to Poverty Dynamics among American Women
  2. Making The New Indonesia Work for The Poor
  3. Nonfarm Income Diversification and Household Livelihood Strategies in Rural Africa: Concepts, Dynamics, and Policy Implication
  4. Rural Non-Farm Livelihoods in Central and Eastern Europe and Central Asia and the Reform Process: A Literature Review
  5. Non-Parametric Analysis of Technical Efficiency: Factors Affecting Efficiency of West Java Rice Farms
  6. Kemiskinan, Mobilitas Penduduk, dan Aktivitas Derep: Strategi Pemenuhan Pangan Rumah Tangga Miskin di Kabupaten Bantul, Yogyakarta
  7. Evaluation of economic and enviromental performance of two farm household strategies: diversification and integration
  8. Wheat Productivity, Efficiency, and Sustainability: A Stochastic Production Frontier Analysis
  9. Production efficiency in Peasant Agriculture: The Case of Mixed Farming System in the Ethiopian Highlands
  10. Technical Efficiency in the Informal Manufacturing Enterprises: Firm level evidence from an Indian state
  11. Building Response Strategies to Climate Change in Agricultural Systems in Latin America
  12. Climate Change: Impacts, Vulnerabilities and Adaptation in Developing Countries
  13. The Economic Impacts of Climate Change: Evidence from Agricultural Profits and Random Fluctuations of Weather
  14. Climate Change and China’s Agricultural Sector: An Overview of Impacts, Adaptation and Mitigation
  15. Climate Change and South African Agriculture: Impacts and Adaptation Options
  16. Economic Impact Assessment of Climate Change on Agriculture in Burkina Faso: a Ricardian Approach
  17. Economic Impacts of Climate Change on California Agriculture
  18. Off-Farm Income, Technology Adoption, and Farm Economic Performance
  19. Vulnerability, Climate change and Livestock – Research Opportunities and Challenges for Poverty Alleviation
  20. Impacts of Climate Change on Agriculture and Policy Options for Adaptation The Case of Vietnam
  21. Agriculture and Sustainable Development: Policy Analysis on the Great Plains
  22. Sistem Komoditas Kedelai di Indonesia
  23. Measuring the Effects of Trade Liberalization: Multilevel Analysis Tool for Agriculture
  24. Economics Impacts of Climate Change on Supply and Demand of Food in The World
  25. Income,Wealth, and the Economic Well-Being of Farm Households
  26. Cross-subsidization and Exit Deterrence due to Infra-Marginal Support: Implications for Agricultural Policy Analysis
  27. The Impact of Decoupled Payments on the Cost of Operating Capital
  28. Perilaku Petani dalam Pengalokasian Sumberdaya Untuk Mencapai Pendapatan Maksimum di Kecamatan Sigi Biromaru Kabupaten Donggala (Suatu Analisis Linear Programming)
  29. Competitiveness, Productivity and Efficiency in the Agricultural and Agri-Food Sectors Cotton-Wheat Production System in South Asia: A Success Story
  30. Cotton-Wheat Production System in South Asia: A Success Story
  31. Direct Elicitation of Credit Constraints: Conceptual and Practical Issues with an Empirical Application to Peruvian Agriculture
  32. Credit Constraints and Productivity in Peruvian Agriculture
  33. Effects of Credit Constraints on Productivity and Rural Household Income in China
  34. Weighing Risks: Short and Long Term Impacts of Credit Constraints
  35. Profit Efficiency and Enviromental Regulation: Regulating The Consumption of Nitrogen in Agriculture
  36. Ambiguity Aversion and Portfolio Choice in Small-Scale Peruvian Farming
  37. Titling, Credit Constraints, and Rental Markets in Rural Peru: Exploring Channels and Conditioned Impacts
  38. Underwriting Area-Based Yield Insurance to Crowd-In Credit Supply and Demand
  39. Agricultural Credit
  40. Promoting Farm Investment for Sustainable Intensification of African Agriculture
  41. The Evolving Structure of World Agricultural Trade: Implications for Trade Policy and Trade Agreements
  42. The Political Economy of Trade and Food Security
  43. Consumer-Driven Agriculture
  44. Dispute Settlement
  45. Why Trade Negotiations Still Matter to U.S. Agriculture
  46. Intellectual Property Rights in African Agriculture: Implications for Small Farmers
  47. Options for the WTO Modalities for Agriculture
  48. Organic Agriculture and Sustainable Rural Livelihoods in Developing Countries
  49. The Macroeconomic of European Agriculture
  50. Education as an Input in Agricultural Production: Argentina
  51. Land Reform and the Political Organization of Agriculture
  52. More with Less: Agricultural Water and Conservation Efficiency in California
  53. The Politics of Organic Farming: Populists, Evangelicals and the Agriculture of the Middle
  54. Political Warfare in Sub-Saharan Africa: U.S. Capabilities and Chinese Operations  in  Thiopia, Kenya, Nigeria, And South Africa
  55. The GATS Threat to Food and Agriculture
  56. Sustainable Agriculture in Africa: Towards A New Paradigm – The Embeddedness Approach
  57. A Guide to Cap Reform Politics: Issues, Positions and Dynamics
  58. Desertification, Drought, Poverty, and Agriculture
  59. The Multiple Paradoxes of The Agriculture Issue in Asia
  60. The Role of Agriculture in Central and Eastern European Rural Development: Engine of Change or Social Buffer?
  61. Brazil: The Future of Modern Agriculture?
  62. International Debt and Agriculture
  63. Urban agriculture
  64. Types of Agriculture
  65. The impact of trade liberalization on agriculture in Bhutan
  66. A Science Roadmap for Agriculture
  67. Proceeding No. 4 of the Agricultural Policy Forum on Economic Liberalization and Agriculture: a Critical Overview
  68. Analisis Penawaran Ayam Pedaging di Tingkat Petani di Kecamatan Suruh Kabupaten Semarang
  69. Pendugaan Fungsi Biaya Pakan Penggemukan Domba Peranakan Garut Dengan Pemeliharaan Sistem Koloni: Studi Kasus di Kelompok Tani Ternak Alkadom di Desa Pasawahan, Kecamatan Cicurug Kabupaten Sukabumi
  70. Kajian Sistem Manajemenmutu pada Pengolahan “Ikan Jambal Roti” di Pangandaran – Kabupaten Ciamis
  71. Beberapa Faktor Yang Mempengaruhi Permintaan Broiler pada Konsumen Rumah Tangga di Kecamatan Pamulang Kabupaten Tangerang
  72. Kajian Usahatani Lahan Pantai di Kabupaten Bantul
  73. Analisis Pertumbuhan dan Kontribusi Dana Bagi Hasil Terhadap Pendapatan Daerah (Studi pada Kabupaten/Kota se Jawa-Bali)
  74. A Meta-Analysis of Technical Efficiency in Nigerian Agriculture
  75. Econometric Analysis of Credit and Farm Resource Technical Efficiencies’ Determinants in Cassava Farms in Kogi State, Nigeria: A Diagnostic and Stochastic Frontier Aproach
  76. Trends and Drivers of Agricultural Productivity in Nigeria
  77. Estimating Technical Efficiency, Input Substitution and Complementary Effects Using Output Distance Function: A Study Of Cassava Production in Nigeria
  78. Technical Efficiency Analysis of Nigerian Cassava Farmers: A Guide for Food Security Policy
  79. Analysis of Policy Issues in Technical Efficiency of Small Scale Farmers Using The Stochastic Frontier Production Function: with Application to Nigerian Farmers
  80. Technical Effciency of Small Holder Cocoyam Production in Anambra State,Nigeria: A Cobb-Douglas Stochastic Frontier Production Approach
  81. Gender Inequalities and Economic Growth: New Evidence from Cassava-Based Farm Holdings in Rural South-Western Nigeria
  82. Technical Efficiency and its Determinants in Garden Egg (Solanum Spp) Production In Uyo Metropolis, Akwa Ibom State, Nigeria
  83. Influence of village-farm distance on farmer’s production decisions and performance: evidence from Nigeria
  84. Efficiency of Indigenous Poultry Feed Production Enterprises in Abia State, Nigeria
  85. Small is Beautiful: Empirical Evidence of an Inverse Relationship between Farm Size and Productive Efficiency in Small-Holder Cassava Production in Ideato North LGA of Imo State
  86. Australian Agricultural and Resource Economics Society (AARES) Annual Conference, Adelaide, South Australia, 10-12 February, 2010
  87. Efficiency Analysis of Developing Country Agriculture: A Review of the Frontier Function Literature
  88. Frontier Production Functions and Technical Efficiency: A Survey Of Empirical Applications in Agricultural Economics
  89. Farm Household Production Efficiency: Evidence from The Gambia
  90. Explaining Productivity Variation among Smallholder Maize Farmers in Tanzania
  91. The Competitiveness and Efficiency of Potato Farming in Pangalengan
  92. Determinants of technical efficiency differentials amongst small- and medium-scale farmers in Uganda: A case of tobacco growers
  93. Farm size and nonparametric efficiency measurements for coffee farms in Vietnam
  94. Efficiency and Market Structure: Testing for Profit Maximization in African Agriculture
  95. The Impact of Profit Orientation on Efficiency of MFIs: Evidence from Latin America
  96. Beef Cattle and Profit Strategies
  97. Jointness in agricultural production and crop-livestock technology adoption in Ethiopia
  98. The Impact of Economic Partnership Agreements on ACP Agriculture Imports and Welfare
  99. Impacts of group-based microfinance in agriculture: Evidence from Ghana’s Cocoa Abrabopa Association
  100. Agricultural Credit Policy
  101. Impact Evaluation Study on ADB’s Rural Credit Assistance in Bangladesh, People’s Republic Of China, Indonesia, Nepal, Philippines, Sri Lanka, and Thailand
  102. Promoting Pro-Poor Growth Agriculture
  103. Significance of Family Farming in The Asian Region-The Indonesian Agriculture Sector
  104. Agricultural Growth and Poverty Reduction: A Scoping Study
  105. The Evolving Country Grain Marketing System in North Dakota
  106. Analisis Penggunaan Faktor Produksi Tanaman Tebu Terhadap Pendapatan Petani
  107. Efisiensi Faktor-Faktor Produksi dalam Usahatani Bawang Merah
  108. Dayasaing dan Sistem Pemasaran Manggis Indonesia
  109. Analisis Penggunaan Faktor Produksi Tanaman Tebu Terhadap Pendapatan Petani
  110. Efisiensi Faktor-Faktor Produksi dalam Usahatani Bawang Merah
  111. Dayasaing dan Sistem Pemasaran Manggis Indonesia
  112. Faktor-Faktor yang Berhubungan dengan Tingkat Partisipasi Wanita Tani dalam Program Sekolah Lapangan Pengendalian Hama Terpadu (SL-PHT) Lada (Kasus Di Kelompok Wanita Tani di Desa Ulak Rengas Kecamatan Abung Tinggi Kabupaten Lampung Utara)
  113. Technical Efficiency, Environment Efficiency, Productivity and Beneficial Management Practices
  114. Parametric farm performance and efficiency methodology: Stochastic Frontier Analysis
  115. Efficiency of LEADER Programmes in the creation of tangible and intangible outputs: a Data Envelopment Analysis application to Local Action Groups performances
  116. A metafrontier approach to measuring technical efficiencies across the UK dairy sector
  117. Measurements of Agricultural Productivity and Efficiency Gains from NAFTA
  118. Evaluating the Role of Migration on Technical Efficiency
  119. Intensive versus Extensive Dairy Production Systems: Dairy States in the Eastern and Midwestern U.S. and Key Pasture Countries the E.U.: Determining the Competitive Edge
  120. Broadacre Farm Productivity and Profitability in South Western Australia
  121. Sustainable Energy Crop Production: A Case Study for Sugarcane and Cassava Production in Yunnan, China
  122. Economic and Marketing Efficiency Among Corn Ethanol Plants
  123. Empirical Analysis of Agricultural Productivity: Growth in Benin and Mainly Factors which Influence Growth
  124. Agricultural Productivity Growth in Africa: Is Efficiency Catching-up or Lagging Behind?
  125. An Economic Performance Analysis of the Beef Cow-herd Enterprise Using a Stochastic Frontier Function
  126. Measuring Technical Efficiency of Dairy Farms with Imprecise Data: A Fuzzy Data Envelopment Analysis Approach
  127. Estimation of the Economic Efficiency of Cashew Nut Production in Benin
  128. Assessing the Technical and Allocative Efficiency of Marketing Decisions by U.S. Organic Producers
  129. Brazilian Agricultural Productivity and Policy

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